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Introduction to Cloud Computing and Storage

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Abbey Patterson
Duly Notud blog - introduction to cloud computing and storage

JULY 2020



What is this ‘cloud’ everyone seems so keen to store their files in? Do files really float away to live somewhere in the sky? Not exactly. While the term cloud computing sounds complex, it is a relatively simple concept that we take for granted in our everyday lives. And if you’re not familiar with the terminology or how it works, the idea of your files being stored in a ‘cloud’ can be a bit confusing at first. 


What is Cloud Computing? 

The definition of cloud computing is when digital data is stored in logical groupings on a physical server that can be accessed from anywhere, on any device. When you use a program like Notud, all your files and notes are stored on this external server rather than being stored to just your singular device. This means that anytime you want to access that data you just need to log in, from any device, and it will be there just like when you left it. You can make edits and changes to files and settings that will be instantly saved and stored in the cloud. All that’s required to save and access your documents into cloud storage is an internet connection. 


What is Cloud Storage? 

Cloud storage is the physical space where your data is stored, waiting and ready for you to access it at any time. Rather than investing in expensive private servers, which take up valuable resources such as money and physical space, many small businesses and individuals choose to store their files on an external server to create efficiencies. An added benefit is that your digital data is safe, protected and backed up. Should anything happen to one of your devices you will still be able to access all your files via the cloud on a different device.  


3 Biggest Benefits of Cloud Computing 

  1. Accessibility – Access your files from any physical location and from any device. For example, take notes and make edits on your iPad, then review them on your desktop or laptop. 
  2. Storage – Save time, money, and space by storing your digital files off site in the cloud. Many companies and applications offer low-cost cloud storage up to a certain amount. 
  3. Security – Your data is encrypted, making it difficult for someone with bad intentions to access it. Should one of your devices become compromised, your files stay safe and can be accessed using a different device. 


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