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Notud is online handwriting for professional notes. We have grown from an initial concept a physiotherapist, accountant and web-developer had to build the fastest cloud-integrated notetaking and filing software, to now over 70,000 signups from over 100 different professions around the world. Our users have taken over 20 million notes with us.

We needed an easy way to take client notes as quickly and accurately as we could on paper, without the hassle of filing time and storage space, only having onsite access or the worry of losing them (and couldn’t find any software to do it). Notud’s unique because we’ve developed it for us as small business professionals, who rely on taking and referring to our own notes for good client outcomes while using jargon, quick recall, rapport, trust, eye contact, body language and empathy, and we need to file and maintain them for mandatory periods.





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We offer handwriting and drawing, custom templates, private and shared notes, bring-your-own multi-device access, encryption, backup, audit trail and instant ‘quick’ note option, all available natively in the cloud and integrated with other web-apps.

We know our users aren’t necessarily tech savvy, they just want something simple that works – especially if it integrates with a web-app they use already. Helping our users go electronic and paperless gives us a thrill every day.

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