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Automate your note taking tasks

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Connect Notud to HubSpot

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Automatically save important contacts from your CRM and share them into Notud Contacts.

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Connect Notud to Quickbooks

Automatically send notes where they need to be.

Create important client notes directly from accounting software into Notud's contacts.

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How Notud's Integrations can fit into your workflow.


Zapier has the flexibility to extend the power of Notud by simply automating tasks between multiple online services.

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Share content across apps.

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Never lose your customer notes.

Save time by sharing your contacts with your Notud's organisation to create customer notes easily. Our Zapier integration will allow you to pull information from everyday apps and consolidate it into Notud so that you can build customer notes at scale.

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We Know Meeting Notes Are Important.

Striking the perfect balance of automated organisational engagement can be difficult. So we have made collaborating with meeting notes fast and easy. Create rules to route meeting note paths at the end of important meetings within the right channels instantly. You and your team can easily view and use links directly to created contact notes.