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WorkflowMax (WFM)

Xero Practice Manager (XPM)

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Integrate Xero Practice Manager with Notud

Xero Practice Manager Integration

Integrate Notud into your workflow seamlessly with Xero Practice Manager. With the new integration you are able to synchronise your contact lists, making cloud note-taking in your practice quicker and easier. Need help getting started? - Click here! 

WorkflowMax Integration

Login to Notud with WorkflowMax credentials, and sync your WorkflowMax contacts into Notud using the new integration – projects run smoother, and information is safer now there's no more scanning and emailing. Need help getting started? - Click here!

Integrate WorkflowMax with Notud

Use coupon AUG22HALFOFF (before 1 Sept 2022) for a 14 day free trial and 50% off your subscription forever!!!

Notud - Loaded with new features...

Search for notes in Notud

Searchable hand-written notes

We have added Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to the platform which will scan and index your notes. Meaning that you can type words in your search bar and Notud will find your hand-written, typed or converted to text notes.

Send notes as PDFs

Share your hand written, digital notes as PDFs direct from Notud to anyone in, or outside your organisation.

Send PDFs in Notud

Use coupon AUG22HALFOFF (before 1 Sept 2022) for a 14 day free trial and 50% off your subscription forever!!! 


Unsure if your team members have seen your recent set of client notes? Now you can let your team mates know to check a note by sending them a quick Nod.

Send notifications in Notud

Template library

Handwrite and draw on templates or forms that you are familiar with by uploading your own, or accessing Notud's new template library



Client notes are now stacked and labeled with thumbnails making it easier than ever to find a notes.



The new auto-save feature ensures your files are saved automatically, every few minute, as you work. You'll never have to worry about losing a client note.

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Access the new features by logging into Notud.

Use coupon AUG22HALFOFF for a 14 day free trial and 50% off your subscription forever!!!

*Make sure to use coupon AUG22HALFOFF before 01 September 2022.


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Every feature you need, plus a few more...


Handwrite your notes


Convert voice to text


Type your notes

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Search your notes

More webinar time coming soon...


Bruce Cohen

Notud CEO | Physiotherapist 

Hi guys, my name is Bruce and I'm part of the team that created Notud. Join me for a XU Magazine exclusive webinar where we will cover the basics and answer any questions that might have about using Notud and all the new exciting features.

Watch previous webinar below:

Notud at Xercon Sydney 2022

Notud at Xerocon Sydney 2022!!!

We've added new integrations to Xero Practice Manager, WorkflowMax and plenty of new features. Come see what we have to offer and go into a draw to win a tablet of your choice (Samsung, Apple or Microsoft). 

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