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Xero & Zapier integrated.

Instant filing.

Custom templates.

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Note taking software made for professionals

Easily create or edit notes straight from your Xero Contacts or in Notud. Need more to love? Here are some other features.

Handwrite online
Handwrite online
Handwrite or draw straight on to your tablet or iPad and your notes save instantly. Seamless, paperless note taking.
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Client specific
Client specific
Fully integrated with Xero contacts so notes are saved automatically to a client file, or create a Private Note.
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Custom templates
Custom templates
Do you regularly write on a form or other template outline? Set up one or multiple custom templates for quick access at any time.
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Client Notes are always visible to your team, you can also choose to share a Private Note so you can collaborate on a task or project.
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Circle template
Need to store your notes and documents somewhere else? Simply export files from Notud and save them to your current software.
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Write and store your notes without any lock-in commitment.

Your data is your data. And we understand sometimes circumstances change. So, you can export all your notes, attachments and information at the click of a button.


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Notud + Xero

Say Goodbye to your paper notepad. Notud integrates directly with Xero so you can be handwriting notes on your iPad, tablet or other device instantly.

Notes are automatically filed to your clients, backed up and encrypted. 

Experience the freedom of using Notud and Xero.

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Felice client testimonial

I use Notud to take all of my client notes. It's been the death of my paper notepad!

Felice Male
Director at ID Accounting & Wealth Solutions

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