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Digital Note Taking

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Abbey Patterson
Duly Notud blog - digital note taking

JUNE 2020

Go Digital. Go Paperless. Go Online. Technology is ever changing and in order to keep up we must learn how to adapt. But what does that mean for those of us who still prefer to take our notes by hand? Prior to the introduction of computers, we all took notes by hand, and even now there are some industries and instances where it is easier to jot down our notes than type them. Can we make the jump to digital note taking without changing the way we work? And what is the definition of digital note taking? 


What is Digital Note Taking? 

Digital note taking is a combination of techniques that allow you to take and store your notes electronically. Most think of digital note taking as simply typing notes, but with digital handwriting apps and software such as Notud you can also handwrite, store, and share your digital notes. 

By definition, note taking is nothing more than recording information captured from another source. While this can be done on paper, there are benefits to having access to your notes online including better organisation, increased security, more flexibility and improved shareability.   


Digital Note Taking for Beginners 

Creating digital notes is simple and easy with the right tools. So how do you get started 

Taking the first step to change long-held habits can be intimidating. While you can take digital notes on any device, we recommend starting with a touch-screen device like a tablet or a laptop and a stylus pen. Of course, starting with technology that you are most familiar with will make the transition to digital note taking easier for beginners. 

  1. Choose the correct device – computer, laptop, or tablet - for typing and/or writing.
  2. Look for a note taking app or software like Notud where you can type or handwrite your notes on templates like lined paper and blank pages, or create your own custom templates.
  3. Save and store your notes securely in the cloud.
  4. Access your notes anytime, from any device making it easy to review, edit, and share your notes without wasting or exchanging paper. 

Start Taking Digital Notes Today 

Once you’ve completed step 1, signing up for Notud is easy. Start taking notes right away or upload your custom templates to take notes immediately. Visit our Getting Started help page for answers to our most frequently asked questions, or watch a short demo. After a couple of notes, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start taking your notes digitally sooner! 

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