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How to create unique solutions and attract opportunities

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Abbey Patterson
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Do you have frustrations in your life that you can’t seem to iron out? Every now and again you have an amazing idea that would completely resolve your frustrations and make your life easier, but it can seem too hard, costs too much money, and it will take too long, and there’s no way you think you could go through with it. We have all had these ideas and thoughts, big or small. It may surprise you to know now, that’s how Notud was born.

Are you thinking of an idea of your own right now? Maybe you can use this background of Notud to create your own unique solution and wait for the opportunities to arise.

Identify a need

Bruce, who is the Founder of Notud, is a physiotherapist in Australia and while looking for the best practice management system for his team, he found programs with every tool, feature and add on, but none where he could handwrite his notes and save them online. Despite the cloud rapidly expanding with products and software, the ability to handwrite online was the one thing he couldn’t do to implement an efficient, sustainable, paperless note taking practice.

Take action

Bruce decided to pack up his β€˜tools’, and started developing a new practice management software solution tailored for allied health professionals. It featured everything he needed, including being able to handwrite and draw on his iPad within the software. The program (called eNoteFile), is currently used in thousands of practices in worldwide and is still growing, however there were more companies outside of allied health who could benefit from digital notetaking.

Learn, listen, and refine

This path lead to the creation of Notud, which was developed as a modified, industry agnostic integrated software that everyone can implement it. It’s a different business model, being an integrated application rather than a standalone software, and is built for every industry, and integrated with leading programs you already use including Xero and Zapier. It has evolved and will continue to evolve to serve and assist as many businesses and people as possible in making the transition from paper note taking to paperless note taking in the cloud. We are proud to be a small part of so many companies taking conscious action around the environment and sustainability.


Our first integration was with Xero. We love Xero as a Company and a product and are incredibly excited to partner with them. Getting started with Notud and Xero is easy and free, so why not go online and throw out your paper notes once and for all. Don’t use Xero? If you’re a SMB, give it a go! If your interested in using Notud, go to our website to create a new login and start notetaking.

If you’re not convinced about reducing paper, we hope instead you have been inspired to chase the dream you have been thinking about; start that small business, write that book, reach out to that person, start your own blog page, you never know where one small action might lead.

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